Create a series of Instagram Stories videos. Remember, each Instagram Story only has to be 15 seconds long, so it’s not too much work. Share some tips for buying and selling real estate.

Post Ideas
National Beer Day Is April 7
If it’s your drink of choice, profile a local microbrewery or share a photo of yourself enjoying a cold one. Include the hashtags #NationalBeerDay and #BeerDay

National Pet Day Is April 11
Share an adorable photo of your best buddy and invite your followers to share theirs. Be sure to include the hashtag #NationalPetDay.

Download our list of Post Ideas for April for more inspiration.

Article Post
Every week we’ll share a real-estate-related article that you can post on your Facebook and/or LinkedIn profile. Simply copy all the text below (including the URL at the end) and use it to create a post.

This week’s article is entitled: “In a Hot Real Estate Market, Renters Becoming First-Time Buyers Have a Key Advantage”

Did you know? First-time buyers have some significant advantages over repeat buyers. Give me a call and let’s work to get you into your first home.