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Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and real estate

Are you excited to learn about cryptocurrency, blockchain, the metaverse, NFTS and their impact on real estate? This course will unpack basic cryptocurrency concepts, advance your understanding of how blockchain technology is impacting real estate and empower you to provide effective consultation to your clients, peers and industry partners.

New Agent Evolution – New Agent Training

Today’s new agent faces the traditional challenges such as time management and learning the basics of Real Estate. They also now have new opportunities to learn the evolution of real estate practice preparing them for this era. New Agent Evolution breaks down all steps needed in a fun and functional manner to create a strategy of success.

Realtors Growing Wealth – Using Savvy Strategies

This course will empower real estate agents with knowledge and strategy that are necessary to provide financial freedom. This education will help them create a strong financial platform in order to build true wealth through traditional and non-traditional financial vehicle as well as a succession plan. Create a 15 year wealth plan, not just a yearly business plan.

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